Recertification Application

Please note: All mandatory fields MUST be completed. You are allowed TWO HOURS to complete this form. After two hours the form times out and no information is saved and you must start again.


You are allowed TWO (2) Hours to complete this form and it must be completed in one sitting – it cannot be saved and completed at a later time. This form allows you to upload your back-up documents. Please have all your documents ready for upload before you begin.

For information on accepted CE’s please download the Recertification Handbook.

Upload the following forms to the website:

(A) Copy of Active, non-restricted RN License with current expiration date

(B) Job Description(s)

(C) Any additional documents requested by ABOHN

When you reach the CE portion on the application, you have the option to choose either upload a spreadsheet, or manually enter your CEs. If you are NOT uploading a spreadsheet for your continuing education, each contact hour must be individually entered in this application.

(D) Contact Hours via Spreadsheet

The Spreadsheet must include:

  • Date of Class/Course
  • Name/Title of Class/Course
  • Sponsoring Agency
  • Number of Contact Hours

If you have any questions, please call our office at 630-789-5799.