Research Award

The ABOHN Research Committee is accepting applications for the 2020 Research Grant. Proposals are being accepted for research projects completed in 2020.  Research projects which have been completed in 2019 will also be accepted. The purposes of the Applied Research Grant are to assist nurses to be successful in becoming certified, assess the effects of certification, and demonstrate the value of certification in occupational health nursing. The winner of this award will receive $1,000.

Consideration for awards may be based upon the following criteria.

1. Applicant must be a certified occupational health nurse (COHN or COHN-S), or a non-certified registered nurse who works in occupational health or is studying occupational health nursing who is collaborating with a certified occupational health nurse.

2. Applicant must present an applied research project focusing on certification in occupational health nursing. Examples of research related to certification include:

  • The effect of certification on occupational health service outcomes (i.e., quality, cost, effectiveness, safety, etc.);
  • The effects of preparation strategies for successfully achieving certification;
  • Effects of age, education, experience, practice setting, etc. on success in becoming certified;
  • The relationship of certification on OHN retention, career development, satisfaction, benefits, etc.;
  • Strategies to improve employer and management understanding of certification for occupational health nurses;
  • The relationship of certification regarding role expansion or career diversity;
  • The career benefits OHNs experience from certification;
  • The role of the certified OHN on multi-disciplinary teams;
  • The value of certification for the employer, consumer, or nurse.

Please note: ABOHN will support research projects by providing mailing labels or e-mail addresses of certified nurses as appropriate to the project, and by making aggregate data available from the ABOHN database at no cost. The deadline for submission of completed applications is October 31, 2020. You can use the hyperlink above or contact the ABOHN office at for the full guidelines and application.