Research Award

The ABOHN Research Committee is accepting applications for the 2020 Applied Research Grant.  The purpose of the 2020 Applied Research Grant is to demonstrate the value occupational health nurses are providing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The winner of this award will receive $1,000.  

Consideration for awards may be based upon the following criteria.

  1. Applicant must be a certified occupational health nurse (COHN or COHN-S), or a non-certified registered nurse who is studying occupational health nursing. The ABOHN Research Committee may be utilized as members of the applicant’s advisory committee.
  2. Applicant must present an applied research project focusing on a survey to demonstrate the value occupational health nurses (OHN) are providing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Survey should include the following:
  • Large sample size of OHNs and OHN employers
  • By industry
    • Hospitals and Medical centers
    • Manufacturing and Production
    • Government
    • Insurance/finance
    • Utilities
    • Consulting
    • Food/meat processing
    • Other


  • Analyze by certified occupational health nurse (COHN or COHN-S), and non-certified OHN/registered nurse
  • Value of specific OHN Activities
    • Illness Assessment, treatment and triage
    • Education including social distancing, use of masks, handwashing
    • Synthesis and utilization of guidelines/regulations related to COVID-19
    • Appropriate disinfection of workspaces; disposal of biohazardous waste
    • Contact Tracing
    • Collaboration/liaison with external agencies such as public health
    • Return to Work corrdination

4. Survey will be designed to take a limited amount of time to complete, conducted in early 2021 and project completed by Q3 2021

5. Publish project and findings in peer reviewed journal and/or poster presentation at conferences (AAOHN, AOHP).

Please note: ABOHN will support the research project by providing mailing labels or e-mail addresses of certified and non-certified OHNs (AAOHN, AOHP, ABOHN members), and by making aggregate data available from the ABOHN database at no cost. ABOHN will publicize the project and findings on their website and newsletter. The deadline for submission of completed applications is November 30, 2020. Send a PDF of the application to: Attention: Research Committee

Download the full 2020 Applied Research Grant Application.