As an employer, why should you hire a Board Certified Occupational Health Nurse?

Board certification demonstrates knowledge, proficiency and excellence in the field of occupational health.

OHN Circle

In 2021, ABOHN conducted a survey of our credential holders in Active status. The purpose was to define the ROI/Cost avoided in workplaces that have an Occupational Health Nurse.

The American Board of Nursing Specialties (ABNS) conducted a national poll of 2,200 adults in 2020 to investigate the importance of specialty board nursing certifications

    • Results found that 75% of adults think it is important for all nurses to have a specialty board certification in a relevant field
    • The poll results show support of requiring certification for employment

After learning that board certified specialty nurses are committed to life-long learning and maintaining their certification, 74% of the adults polled were more likely to seek medical care from a certified specialty nurse


Testimonial: Our certified Occupational Health Nurses are valuable members of the ExxonMobil Medicine and Occupational Health team. Not only do they bring a strong OH foundation and skillset to our organization, they are also our trusted thought leaders and mentors.                                                                         Susan Craig, MD, Assistant US Occupational Health Manager, Beaumont, Billings, GCGV, Joliet, Mexico, ExxonMobil Corporation