For Employers

Need help finding a Board Certified occupational health nurse?  Advertise with us! If you have any questions, please call our office at 630-789-5799 and speak to an ABOHN staff member.

As an employer, why should you hire a Board Certified Occupational Health Nurse?

  • Board certification demonstrates knowledge, proficiency and excellence in the field of occupational health.
  • A Board Certified occupational health nurse will improve your bottom line:
    • Compliance with OSHA, state and federal employment laws
    • Manage employee risk related to work injuries and personal health
    • Reduced absenteeism through early return to work programs
    • Collaboration and communication across multidisciplinary groups
      • HR
      • Management
      • Physician
      • Insurance companies
      • Safety

A Board Certified Occupational Health Nurse will advocate for the health and well-being of your most valuable assets...your employees!!

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Certifications help employers hire better talent and empower employees

Findings from the 2016 State of Certification Report. “Most people have heard the challenge”, says Rick Joslin, executive director of Certification & Training HDI & ICMI at UBM, “if I invest in certifying employees then they are likely to leave. They forget that the second half of this famous statement is, “if you don’t invest in them, then the best people leave and the rest stay.” For more information follow this link.