Strategic Plan

The ABOHN Vision and Mission is incorporated into the planning of all ABOHN initiatives.

VISION: ABOHN Certification is recognized and valued as the standard to maximize the health and safety of workers worldwide.

MISSION: ABOHN's mission is to promote a standard of excellence in occupational health nursing through credentialing.

Principles and Values:

To accomplish its mission and vision, ABOHN commits its resources to achieving the following principles and values:

  • Establish and promote credentialing standards for professional occupational health nurses.
  • Publicly recognize individuals who demonstrate that they meet these standards.
  • Elevate the quality of occupational health nursing practice.
  • Stimulate the development of improved educational standards and programs in the field of occupational health nursing.
  • Encourage occupational health nurses to continue their professional education.
  • Perform the above unrestricted by consideration of national origin, race, creed, disability, color, age and gender.
  • Create value for employers, their employees and the occupational health professional.
  • Seek inclusion by partnering with organizations that share the ABOHN mission and values.

2017-2018 Strategic Initiatives

At the June 2017 board meeting, the ABOHN board of directors reviewed and approved an updated revision of the strategic plan. The Board reviews the strategic plan monthly with updates provided by the Executive Director.

For 2017-2018, the Board will focus on the following initiatives:

Strategy 1: Customers


  1. Provide support to applicants/candidates
    1. The Research committee instituted an ongoing survey of successful exam candidates which began in March 2017. 133 candidates from 2014 to current have completed the survey to identify examination practice tips. This information is shared and reviewed by the Board. Information from the survey has been placed on the website to identify study habits and practices candidates have used to successfully complete the certification exam. The Research committee plans to identify other ways to share the results with potential certificants and stakeholders.
    2. Develop survey for unsuccessful candidates. The Research committee will be reviewing survey development for those who have not been successful in obtaining certification to identify potential exam support needs for exam applicants and candidates. It is planned to launch a survey late in the fall of 2017. 
    3. Focus group formation (Finance committee) to determine viability of financial incentive for those reapplying after failing the exam. Due 1/18.
  2. Recognize currently certified 
    1.   Those certificants celebrating a 5 year certification milestone will be recognized in the 2017 newsletter.

Strategy 2: Quality


  1. Compliance with regulatory guidelines
    1. Practice analysis. The Board has committed to developing and launching a practice analysis for occupational health nurses. The goal is to identify pertinent job tasks and responsibilities of occupational health nurses in the U.S. and internationally. The Board will work in conjunction with the ABOHN staff and testing consultant, PSI, for this project.
    2. NCCA Accreditation – ABOHN’s credentials, COHN, COHN-S, and CM, are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). ABOHN is required to re accredit the credentials every 5 years. The application was submitted in May 2017 and is awaiting review by NCCA.
    3. Expectation of pass rate. The Board is closely monitoring exam results monthly. Each exam advisory board (COHN, COHN-S, and CM) completes an in-depth review of exam pass rates at the semi-annual board meeting. Each exam committee participates in annual exam review and revision in conjunction with the test consultant PSI to update the exams to reflect current practice.

Strategy 3: Sustainability  

  1. ABOHN remains financially viable. Please refer to financial review in this newsletter.
    1. The Board completes monthly financial reviews with a balanced budget projected at end of 2017.
    2. Determine viability of working with AAOHN Foundation for scholarship support for exam takers.
      1. The Executive Director discussed the logistics of scholarship support via the AAOHN foundation.
      2. The research committee is reviewing the previous ABOHN research award and is considering a stipend to promote certification with the request for the awardee to develop a poster presentation for ABOHN.
  2. New item bank maintained in continued state of readiness
    1. Recruit non-board members for exam advisory committees and develop training.
      1. Board members are requested to submit questions for exam inclusion. The COHN and CM advisory board chairs have identified areas of need to maintain exam bank with vetted exam questions.
      2. The Nominations committee vetted the 58 candidates who applied as subject matter experts for support of the exam advisory committees. 32 candidates were selected based upon credential status, business category, job title and geographic location which is felt to represent the diversity of certified occupational health nurses.