Job Postings

ABOHN provides Job Postings for positions that "require or prefer" a Board Certified Occupational Health Nurse. Our credentialed nurses include:

  • COHN - Certified Occupational Health Nurse
  • COHN-S - Certified Occupational Health Nurse - Specialist
  • COHN/CM - Certified Occupational Health Nurse/Case Management

  • COHN-S/CM - Certified Occupational Health Nurse - Specialist/Case Management

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Health Services m\Manager

Dow is seeking a Health Services Manager for a position located in Freeport. TX. As a Health Services Manager at Dow, you will work under the general direction of the site Occupational Health (OH) Leader within the general framework of Dow’s OH Operating Discipline and Clinical Guidelines to provide clinical care, medical case management and health assessment program, preventive health, and management services.  You will contribute to the expertise of Occupational Health through team participation and engagement with local, regional and global projects and processes. You will work with clinical organizational teams that include physicians, NP/PA, nurses, medical technicians, administrative personnel, leadership, HR, legal and emergency responders to ensure health and wellbeing of employees

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Occupational Health Nurse

OXY is seeking an Occupational Health Nurse for a position located in Houston, TX. This position includes supportive and dynamic interactions with Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) and operational groups to manage and facilitate successful Occupational  Health Programs, Short Term Disability Return-to Work (Case management) and Employee Health and Wellness programs. 

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Senior Health Services Nurse

Dow is seeking a Senior Health Services Nurse for a position located in Bristol, PA. As a Senior Health Services Nurse, you will provide clinical care services, case management, health assessment program management/services, and general preventive health services. You will serve as part of a larger site Health Services team and serve as the onsite Health Services nurse supporting Dow employees, specified contractor employees, visitors, and service customers at the Bristol/Croydon, PA site.

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