Renewal Forms (Cycle Years 1-4)

Renewal and Recertification Cycle

Once certified, the credential holder must continue upkeep on their credential. ABOHN currently has a yearly Renewal cycle with Recertification paperwork due every five years.

For example; if you took and passed an ABOHN exam in September 2014, your expiration date will be August 31, 2015. (Year 1), the credential holder must pay the yearly renewal fee NO LATER than August 31, 2015. The Active credential holder must continue to pay a yearly RENEWAL FEE for YEARS 2-4. 

All credential holders are required to RECERTIFY in their fifth year. Recertification includes fee, documentation of continuing education hours and time in industry. This cycle continues for the duration that you hold you certification. ABOHN changed to this model starting in January 2013. Those certification holders who received their credentials prior to 2013 will be changed to this Renewal and Recertification schedule as they reach their next Recertification deadline schedule.

Please note: There is a $100.00 late fee incurred if your Renewal or Recertification paperwork and payment are not completed by the credential holder's expiration date.

For additional information or questions, please download the Recertification Handbook found on our website at, or call our office at 1-630-789-5799 or 1-888-842-2646.

You can Renew your credential in 2 ways:

ONLINEYou must be logged in to the system to access the ONLINE forms. 

BY EMAIL or MAIL: If you choose, you may download and print the forms (click on the form to the left) instead of using the online application.  Once you have completed your form(s) you can scan and email it to, or you can mail them to us at ABOHN,7250 W College Drive # 2SW, Palos Heights, Il  60463.  Renewals received by mail must be postmarked by the due date.