Employer Recognition Award


The ABOHN Employer Recognition Award is awarded each year to a company that demonstrates support and encouragement for the personal and professional development of the certified Occupational Health Nurses that they employ.   This award recipient demonstrated that it recognizes the value that certification brings to its organization and acknowledges the OHN’s contributions in a variety of ways.

The recipient of the 2017 Employer Recognition award is:

Perdue Farms, Inc

L-R Denise Knoblauch, ABOHN ED, Wanda Smiling ABOHN Chair, Perdue Employees;  Dawn Carey, Director, , Janice Langley Regional Nurse Manager, Rhonda Probus, Regional Nurse Manager and Joan O'Dell, Regional Nurse Manager

Perdue Farms is a recognized and trusted name in the food and agriculture industries.  Perdue’s values were established decades ago on Arthur and Pearl Perdue’s family farm, and they continue to guide the company’s actions today. These values of Quality, Integrity, Teamwork and Stewardship are reflected in Perdue’s internal culture. Perdue Farms prides itself in the highly educated nursing staff it employs and believes in investing in their associates growth, safety and well-being.Perdue believes that investment in their employees’ education, including certification, reflects the high standards and qualities that the company holds dear.

Perdue is one of the few businesses in the country to offer associates and dependents access to affordable primary care through fully equipped on-site Wellness Centers. These Wellness Center services include ongoing treatment for chronic issues, OB/GYN services, prenatal care, pediatric care and physical therapy. Associates can see a doctor during their shifts and get paid for their time. Perdue Health Improvement Program (HIP) provides free annual wellness screenings and supports associates in their efforts to eliminate lifestyle risk factors and manage controllable diseases through one-on-one counseling, health education and workplace programs. This innovative program received a Secretary’s Innovation in Prevention Award from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a C. Everett Koop Health Award.

An important way Perdue Farms demonstrates their commitment to its workforce is by supporting and encouraging the advanced certification of the nursing staff that serves its employees. All OHNs are strongly encouraged to obtain their COHN/COHN-S certification. Perdue supports all financial aspects of the certification including exam preparation, application, exam fees and renewal/recertification maintenance.

Perdue Farms believes its employees are its most valuable resource and acknowledge the hard work and extraordinary efforts put forward by team member.  By acknowledging COHN/COHN-S certified nurses with continuing education opportunities and attendance at national conferences, the organization hopes to encourage all team members to be inspired, dedicated, innovative, and committed to deliver superior service and care to its patients, employees, and communities.

Congratulations Perdue Farms, Inc. and thank you for your support of OHNs and your entire worker population!



2018 Reno Perdue Farms, Inc.
2017 New Orleans Northwell Health
2016 Jacksonville Tesoro Companies, Inc.
2015 Boston No award given
2014 Dallas The TSA/OLE/FAM
2013 Las Vegas The Hershey Company
2012 Nashville Johnson & Johnson
2011 Atlanta Comprehensive Healthcare
2010 Anaheim No award given
2009 Orlando IBM
2008 Salt Lake City No award given
2007 Orlando Tyson Foods
2006 Albuquerque William Wrigley, Jr. Company
2005 Minneapolis Baxter Health Care Corporation
2004 Kansas City Kelly Health Care Resources
2003 Atlanta Dow Chemical Company
2002 Chicago Conoco, Inc.
2001 San Francisco Huntsman
2000 Philadelphia Smith Kline Beecham
1999 New Orleans United Parcel
1998 Boston Moorehead Hospital
1997 Orlando United States Postal Service
1996 San Antonio Hummer
1995 Las Vegas Mobil Oil