Misuse of ABOHN Certification Credentials

The awarded credential(s) may only be used by the certified individual during the time period designated on the individual's wallet card or digital badge.  Failure to successfully recertify or renew requires the individual to stop using the credentials immediately after the credential has expired or the credential holder applied for Inactive Status.  It is the policy of the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, Inc., ABOHN, to thoroughly investigate all reports of an individual or corporation using the "COHN", "COHN-S", or the "CM" credential of the ABOHN trademark. 

Current credential holders have an obligation to notify ABOHN if they are aware of credential misuse.

If proof of fraudulent use is obtained, the ABOHN organization will notify parties involved.  Fraudulent use may be reported to employers, state boards of nursing and/or published for professional or consumer notification at the discretion of the ABOHN Board of Directors.