Certification Self Assessment Tests (CSATs)

The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. offers this document as one of many mechanisms for assessing an individual’s knowledge in the field of Occupational Health Nursing and as a method of assessing readiness to apply for certification.

  • Written by certified occupational health nurses
  • Conforms to the current examination blueprints and core contents
  • Contains 100 questions written in the format of the actual certification examination questions
  • Provides written rationale for each correct answer
  • Offers practical advice for intellectual, emotional and physical preparation for taking tests
  • The CSAT cost is $100.00 and are in .pdf form.  They are emailed directly from the ABOHN office.

Purchase of these products is NOT REQUIRED to apply or take any ABOHN examinations.


  • The ABOHN CSATs are not designed to be an assessment tool of one's strengths and weaknesses, and are not designed to be used a s a study guide or as an only source of study.

  • The ABOHN CSATs are not intended as a predictor of success on ABOHN examinations and no such guarantees are made.