Reasons for Board Certification

There are many reasons that individuals decide to become Board Certified. Some reasons revolve around the particular industry profession or employer preference; however, many individuals choose Board Certification for personal reasons, including:

  1. Certification is a mark of prestige
  2. Certification is a significant personal and professional accomplishment
  3. Certification can advance your career
  4. Certified OHNs earn significantly more
  5. Employees regard certification as a mark of quality and rely on certification when making employment decisions
  6. The certified OHN provides knowledgeable management of occupational injuries and illnesses and facilitates early return to work processes
  7. The certified OHN can reduce the employer’s legal exposure through management of regulatory requirements such as OSHA, FMLA, ADA, DOT, HIPAA, etc.
  8. Certification enhances your disease management and health promotion skills
  9. Certified OHNs make a positive impact on the employer’s financial bottom line
  10. Certification augments competence and on-the-job productivity