Important Information about ABOHN Examinations

ASC Registration

  ABOHN is excited to announce some  significant changes with our exam development and   administration partners and processes aimed at improving efficiency and enhancing the candidate experience!

  Firstly, effective February 2024 ABOHN is proud to have partnered with a new exam   administrator, Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC). 

  Secondly, as you are likely aware, ABOHN’s Practice Analysis Advisory Committee developed   the 2023 Practice Analysis Survey which resulted in the development of new exam content   outlines -ECOs (Test Blueprints) for all three ABOHN examinations. 

  After an incredible amount of hard work, we are thrilled to announce that the new exam       content outlines (ECOs)/blueprints will go into effect in the Fall 2024 (tentatively 9-1-2024)!


  ·  PSI will continue to deliver ABOHN exams through 7-31-2024

  ·  The current exam will continue to be delivered through 7-31-2024

  ·  There will be a “testing blackout period” throughout the month of August 2024.

  •   NO ABOHN exams will be administered  throughout the entire month of August 2024.
  •   Testing with our new vendor, ASC, and exams covering the new ECO (Test Blueprint)will be   delivered effective 9-1-2024

  Please access the new ECOs (Test Blueprints) below:

New Exam References Lists are available:

  If you are planning to take an ABOHN exam before 7/31/2024, please go to the   COHN/COHN-S certification tab/handbooks or the CM Certification handbook for the   current exam ECOs (Test Blueprints).