1. Certification is a mark of prestige.
2. Certification is a significant personal and professional accomplishment.
3. Certification can advance your career.
4. Certified OHNs earn significantly more.
5. Employers regard certification as a mark of quality and rely on certification when making employment decisions.

The certified OHN provides knowledgeable management of occupational injuries and illnesses and facilitates early return to work processes.

7. The certified OHN can reduce the employer's legal exposure through management of regulatory requirements such as OSHA, FMLA, ADA, DOT, HIPAA, etc.
8. Certification enhances your disease management and health promotion skills.
9. Certified OHNs make a positive impact on the employer's financial bottom line.
10. Certification augments competence and on-the-job productivity.






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4/16/2015 - Athen, GA - Power Partners, Inc. is seeking a Certified Occupational Health Nurse to provide overall support for the health and well-being of all employees. This postion includes development and administration roles to achieve the desired workplace goals. For more information, please click here.


4/8/2015 - Mt. Sterling, KY - Concentra is seeking a Worksite - Occupational Health Nurse to promote health, prevent disease and help employees cope with industrial illnesses and injuries. For a link to additional information, please click here.



4/2/2015 - Norman, OK - Sysco Oklahoma is seeking an Occupational Health Nurse with responsibilitles that include; coordinating health services, medical needs, injury management and more. For a comprehensive job description, please click here.


4/2/2015 - Rock Hill, SC - Stewart Law Office, LLC is seeking an Occupational Health Nurse who is qualified to testify in Federal Court. The case is located in Charleston WV. For additional information, please click here.


2/11/2015 - Hinsdale, Il. - The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, ABOHN is currently seeking an Executive Director. Please see our advertisement at the top of this page.

Become Certified

ABOHN CEO Ann Lachat

to retire June 2015

ABOHN BOD currently seeking an Executive Director


It is with regret that the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses announces that Chief Executive Officer, Ann M. Lachat, RN, BSN, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN plans to retire on June 30, 2015. We are extremely grateful to Ann for her outstanding leadership of our organization and for her guidance in enhancing our credentialing programs.


ABOHN is seeking a dynamic and innovative occupational health nurse leader to serve as their full time Executive Director. This exciting position affords outstanding opportunities for an individual who is interested in actively contributing to the advancement of occupational health nursing professionalism through credentialing. The successful candidate will provide leadership and vision in enhancing and documenting the value and recognition of certification for occupational health nurses, employers, workers, and peers in related safety and health disciplines.

The position requires preparation at the Master’s level or equivalent professional experience. Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements for ABOHN certification. Approximately 25% travel is required. The detailed position description is attached here. If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit your resume at your earliest convenience to the ABOHN office at 201 East Ogden, Suite 114, Hinsdale, IL 60521.



Who We Are and What We Do

The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN) is an independent nursing specialty certification board. We have over 12,000 active certified nurses working today.

ABOHN was founded in 1972 as an independent not-for-profit organization to set professional standards and conduct occupational health nursing specialty certification. ABOHN is the sole certifying body for occupational health nurses in the United States and awards three credentials: Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN), Certified Occupational Health Nurse - Specialist (COHN-S) and, Case Management (CM)..

ABOHN has certified approximately 16,000 and currently has 5, 200 active certificants.

We use predetermined standards of nursing practice to validate an individual registered nurse's qualifications, knowledge and practice in specific areas of occupational health nursing.

****  PRESS RELEASE ****


Hinsdale, IL The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. (ABOHN) is proud to announce in cooperation with our testing administrator and research coordinator Applied Measurement Professionals, the release of the 2012 Practice Analysis Report. 


The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses (ABOHN) is the sole provider of certification in the specialty of occupational health nursing in the United States.  ABOHN must ensure their certification examinations validly reflect the scope of current occupational health nursing practice by periodically conducting a practice analysis.  This report presents the findings of this research study. 


The primary purpose of this practice analysis was to confirm the knowledge, skills and activities currently required for the proficient practice of occupational health nursing as reflected by the tasks performed.   A valid and reliable survey instrument was developed by a practice analysis committee of subject matter experts. 


The survey contained 20 demographic questions and 136 nursing task statements.  An email invitation to participate in the web-based survey containing a link to the survey instrument was then distributed to 8,720 occupational health nurses in the United States and Canada.  After reducing the survey sample for undeliverable emails and addresses (n=2401), 6,319 surveys remained.  Respondents returned 2,594 surveys for a total response rate of 38.1%. Decision rules were developed to determine which tasks were appropriate for inclusion in the examinations.  The revised examination blueprints are used to refine the ABOHN certification examinations.


Since its inception in 1972, ABOHN has awarded the Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN), Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialist (COHN-S), Case Management (CM) and Safety Management (SM) credentials to more than 12,000 Occupational Health Nurses. 


Full access to the 2011 Practice Analysis Report can be found through the hyperlink.






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The National Commission for Certifying Agencies
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Christine Zichello,

is the current Chair of the ABOHN Board

Presenting the newest member of the
ABOHN Board of Directors 
Cindy Fearn, RN, MSN, COHN-S/CM












National Occupational Health Nursing Week

April 19-25, 2015



North American Occupational Safety


Health Week

May 3-8, 2015



Respiratory Protection Education & Resources Webkit


Now available FREE from AAOHN


This educational product is designed for occupational and environmental nurses and awards 1.5 CNEs for a comprehensive review and update for the Respiratory Protection (RP) OSHA Standard. The resources available with the educational module make this a webpage that is ONE-STOP SHOPPING for everything respiratory protection!


Learn more by downloading the flyer or go to the AAOHN website for additional information.






"Certified Self-Assessment Tests"!



Are you getting ready to take an exam? Do you know that ABOHN offers CSAT's for each exam type?


CSAT's are "certified self-assessment tests" created by certified occupational health nurses which may help you assess your readiness to take an exam. CSAT's conform to the specific exam's blueprint and core content areas, have 50 questions and provide a written rationale for each correct answer.


ABOHN offers two unique volumes for both the COHN and COHN-S credentials and one volume for the Case Management exam. Follow this link for the CSAT order form.




Candidate Experience

Video Now Available


We know that committing to becoming certified can be stressful. Our testing provider, Applied Management Professionals (AMP) has released a video which gives detailed information on scheduling instructions and what to expect on test day. This great resource was designed to help better prepare AMP testing candidates during the process.


Please go here to view the video.





The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is developing the Occupational Health and Safety Network (OHSN).


OHSN Allows you to benchmark

the safety of your own facility.


Helps you target prevention and intervention strategies to decrease work-related injuries


Creates a community of leaders to share workplace solutions


Helps you track your own data to meet OSHA and Joint Commission requirements


Integrates with your current data collection process to minimize effort


To learn more...Visit: www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/ohsn/




How can you get involved with OHSN?

Start preparing to be an early adopter of OHSN by beginning to adapt your current injury data collection processes to conform to the OHSN data standards  available at www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/ohsn/.  

Please feel free to contact the following with
questions or comments:

Ahmed Gomaa MD, ScD, MSPH, Medical Officer (AGomaa@cdc.gov)

Sara Luckhaupt MD, MPH, Medical Officer (SLuckhaupt@cdc.gov)

OHSN Team (NIOSHOHSN@cdc.gov)

Division of Surveillance, Hazard Evaluations & Field Studies
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention





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