PSI Testing Places Opening May 1, 2020 - ABOHN 50% Exam Fee Rebate Extension Updates

To All ABOHN Applicants and Candidates,

As COVID-19 continues to affect our lives and OHNs are part of the essential front line workers, ABOHN is extending the 50% Examination Rebate Fee through August 31, 2020. (The rebate is based on the U.S. Exam Fee cost of $400.00 for COHN and COHN-S and $250.00 for Case Management.)

Those taking the exams during the rebate testing period will receive their examination results (pass/fail) at the earliest in mid-October 2020.

Test Centers Openings:

  • PSI plans to reopen Owned and Operated test centers in the United States May 1, 2020 based on jurisdictional analysis to determine each state's allowance and/or restrictions for operating.
  • Sites will reopen meeting social distancing standards, at reduced capacity to allow for candidate spacing. Please note that scheduling options may be limited as a result. PSI will evaluate demand daily to plan for extra hours as needed.
  • All health and safety requirements have already been implemented.
  •  All test center closures can be found here. Please be aware that the reopen dates listed are tentative. PSI is in contact with all sites and will update these dates as needed.
  •  PSI has created a frequently asked questions document which can be found at
     This link will be continually updated, so please check back frequently.

Face Masks and Gloves:

  • If a candidate chooses to wear a face mask and/or gloves, the candidate will be required to bring those items with them to the test center.
  • Face masks will need to be removed during check-in process to verify identity of the candidate, take their photo and to allow the Test Center Administrator to ensure there is no writing or hidden materials in or on them.
  • Candidates are responsible for disposing of used face masks and gloves securely outside of the test center.

 We understand your disappointment that exam results will be further delayed, yet, we also know that you understand this unprecedented challenge our business is facing.Thank you for your understanding, patience, and commitment to occupational health nursing.

If you have any questions, please contact the office through email at


Stay safe and healthy, and best of luck on the examination(s).

The ABOHN Board of Directors and Staff