About AMP, a PSI Business (PSI/AMP)

ABOHN partners with AMP, a PSI business (PSI/AMP) to deliver our examinations.  PSI/AMP provides healthcare certification organizations with innovative testing solutions.  PSI/AMP's focus is providing a full range of healthcare certification services, including test development and delivery, in a client-focused manner.  With more than 30 years of experience and more than 100 clients, PSI/AMP provides personalized solutions for healthcare certification.

PSI/AMP is owned by PSI Services, LLC (PSI).  PSI has 70 years of experience providing worldwide testing solutions to corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations and certifying bodies.  PSI offers a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing, including pre-hire employment selection, managerial assessments, licensing and certification test, license management services, and professional services. 

PSI/AMP tailors these services to fulfill the unique requirements of each ABOHN credential and they offer personalized delivery of our examinations.  Once your examination application has been approved, you will be redirected to use PSI/AMP's portal to sign-up for your examination place, date and time.  You may find more information on PSI/AMP at their website at www.goamp.com

Click on the map below to find a testing center near you.

We know that committing to becoming certified can be stressful. PSI/AMP has released a video which gives detailed information on scheduling instructions and what to expect on test day. This great resource was designed to help better prepare AMP testing candidates during the process.  To view the video, please go here.